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Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program

A 12 step outpatient rehab program and court ordered education classes are offered throughout the week.   

Individuals and Couples Counseling

Talk therapy tailored to the needs of individuals and couples.  Therapeutic models are research based treatment models that can improve relationship communication, closeness and feelings of well being.

Family Counseling

Sometimes issues impact a whole family: not just one or two people. Family therapy involves multiple members of a family—often the entire household—who sit down together with a therapist to face family obstacles to peace and happiness.

Trauma Recovery with E.M.D.R Therapy

Past events, traumatic or otherwise disturbing situations that keep us stuck; can remain "trapped" in your body, mind, and daily experiences.  EMDR therapy can provide you powerful and lasting relief......

Goal Driven Counseling and Therapy Services

Daily life in the modern world can have it's challenges.  When stress levels become too high, it can take a toll on one's mental, physical, and social health.  Therapy is a place where you can receive support with reaching your goals, handling life obstacles, and to establish better emotional wellness during you daily life.  It's a place where you can verbalize your feelings and better understand your thoughts, moods, and behaviors.  Therapy is a place of growth.  Here at the Counseling Center of Kentucky, L.L.C., we align our therapy goals with your personal goals.

While your goals will be specific and tailored just for you, some common therapy goals may include:

Elimination and education of drug and alcohol abuse.

Becoming unstuck from a trauma

Improved self-esteem.

Reduction of depression, stress, and anger.

Improved relationships with others.

Restored sleep, healthy eating patterns, and dedication to work and productivity.

Our Partners

The Counseling Center of Kentucky, LLC has partnered with By Any Means Fitness to offer individuals an upcoming total transformation package.  Please check back for further details.  In the meantime, please click the learn more link for details about By Any Means Fitness. 

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